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Archery Team AccuBow Bundle

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The perfect AccuBow bundle package for any archery team, archery school, archery club, or archery family! Select 4 units of any one of our AccuBow models and get an ADDITIONAL 35% OFF your entire order!

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Part Number: Archery-Team-Bundle-cb

World-Class Archery Training Package

When it comes to archery training aids, we carry the best of the best. Whether you're looking for an engaging way to introduce students to archery and bow hunting or want to improve your archery team's abilities, AccuBow’s bundle is just what you need.

Designed for people of all ages and skill levels, this ultimate archery training system makes the art of bow hunting enjoyable and simple to learn.

With resistance dials ranging from 5-45 pounds, the AccuBow Nano is designed to teach kids the fundamentals of shooting, and the AccuBow 1.0 takes it a step further with an adjustable draw weight of 10-70 pounds. Then, there’s the AccuBow 2.0, which offers archers maximum performance and includes extra features like real D-loops and an improved string stopper design. From beginners to experienced archers, there is an AccuBow to meet everyone’s needs.

Each AccuBow is made with superior cutting-edge technology, is long-lasting, and is of the highest caliber. AccuBow's bundle for archery training bundle helps you eliminate target panic, develop muscle memory, and of course, hit your target.

Use the AccuBow App for an Unrivaled Archery Training Experience

No matter which AccuBow you choose for your archery team bundle, you can practice anywhere, anytime by downloading the free AccuBow app. Simply attach your phone and start shooting!

Hunt all around the world, try out a variety of shooting options like zombie arcade, tree stand hunting, and target shooting, and compete against your friends and family!

AccuBow 2.0 Product features:

  • Foldable Limb Design for Easy Travel (14x14x6in when collapsed)
  • Real Bow String Center with Real D-Loop tied on (Can be cut off for recurve shooters)
  • Improved String Stopper Design
  • 75% More Quiet and Less Vibration
  • Dual Resistance Dials Adjustable 10-70 lbs.
  • New & Improved Phone Mount Design
  • Phone Mount Included and Installed
  • Ambidextrous for Right and Left Handed

AccuBow 1.0 Product features:

  • New & Improved Phone Mount Included and Installed
  • 100% High Density Polycarbonate Frame
  • FREE Shipping within US
  • Lifetime Warranty on Replacement Parts
  • D-Loop Attachment Installed
  • Integrated Laser Sight
  • Improved String Stopper Design
  • Adjustable 10-70 Pounds

AccuBow Nano Product features:

  • Dual Resistance Dials
  • Adjustable 5-45 Pounds
  • Compact & Lightweight (2.4lbs)
  • Phone Mount Installed
  • Easy Grip Handle
  • Ambidextrous 
  • Perfect for Kids, Teens and Beginner Shooters


Receive a LIFETIME warranty on band replacements (limit 2 per year), a 12 pc. battery pack (Limit 1 pack per year), and 2 D-Loop replacements (Limit 2 per year). All you have to do is pay for shipping! After you are confirmed in our warranty system, all you have to do is email when you want to replace your parts. Make sure you provide your order number so we can confirm your membership!

Please email for any questions about your order

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