What is the maximum draw weight?

The AccuBow is able to be adjusted from 10 - 70lbs of pulling resistance

How Do I Determine The Poundage for My AccuBow?

The poundage of your AccuBow is determined by your draw length and the number of full revolutions of the resistance dial(s) from the starting point of the dial. The starting point of the dial(s) is when the band is loose like a wet noodle and there is zero coilage of the band inside of the resistance dial(s).

You will use our resistance chart to match up your draw length with your desired poundage and then see how many full revolutions of the dial you will need to reach your desired poundage. The logo on the dial can be used as your reference for determining a full turn, half turn, quarter turn, etc.

Here is the AccuBow 2.0 Poundage Guide:

Here is the AccuBow 1.0 Poundage Guide:

Is The AccuBow a Good Tool for Rehabilitation?

The AccuBow is an EXCELLENT tool for upper body rehabilitation. We have had many of our existing customers successfully recover from upper body injuries and get back to full strength and more by training with the AccuBow. The beauty of the AccuBow is the easy adjustability from 10 to 70 pounds using our prioprietary AccuDial. With this feature, you can use the AccuBow to gradually build up your strength at your own pace without risking re-injury.

Who Can Use The AccuBow?

The AccuBow is designed for all ages 6 years old and greater! The AccuBow is adjustable from 10-70 lbs of pulling resistance. The AccuBow 1.0 weighs about 4.5 lbs, while the AccuBow 2.0 weighs about 5.2 lbs.

What type of smartphone is compatible with the AccuBow App?

All iPhone models are compatible with the AccuBow App. Most Android phones are compatible with the AccuBow App, as long as the device has a built in gyroscope and accelerometer.

What device dimensions are compatible with the AccuBow phone mount?

The AccuBow Phone Mount will fit any sized phone without a phone case. Because there are so many unique phone case designs on the market, we designed a universal tight fitting phone mount that will fit any phone without a case. Our goal is to make sure your phone fits snug and never falls out.

Can I remove the phone mount?

Yes the phone mount can be removed and replaced if damaged or unwanted.

Do I need a smartphone?

No, the AccuBow App is completely optional. The AccuBow can be used alone for strength, stability, and technique training using our proprietary laser training methods.

What is the difference between the AccuBow 1.0 and 2.0?

The AccuBow 2.0 is our top of the line model. While the AccuBow 1.0 and 2.0 serve the same purpose and are both adjustable 10-70 lbs, the AccuBow 2.0 is able to fold up for easy travel, while the 1.0 cannot fold up. In addition, the AccuBow 2.0 is about 75% more quiet when shooting than the 1.0, and also features a real center bow string with a real D-Loop attachment in order to more closely simulate shooting with an actual bow. Below is a summary of features:

AccuBow 2.0
  • FREE Shipping within US
  • Lifetime Warranty on Replacement Parts
  • Foldable Limb Design for Easy Travel (14x14x6in when collapsed)
  • Real Bow String Center with Real D-Loop tied on (Can be cut off for recurve shooters)
  • Improved String Stopper Design
  • 75% More Quiet and Less Vibration
  • Dual Resistance Dials Adjustable 10-70 lbs.
  • Phone Mount Included and Installed
AccuBow 1.0
  • Phone Mount Included and Installed
  • FREE Shipping within US
  • Lifetime Warranty on Replacement Parts
  • D-Loop Attachment Installed
  • Integrated Laser Sight
  • Adjustable 10-70 Pounds

If my D-Loop has come off, how do I reattach it?

We have two different D-Loop attachment methods, one for the AccuBow 2.0 and one for the AccuBow 1.0.

The AccuBow 2.0 D-Loop will tie on as you would tie on a D-Loop to any bow string. Here is an easy tutorial video showing how to tie a D-Loop:


The AccuBow 1.0 D-Loop Attachment is also very easy to reattach to your Accuband. Please reference this tutorial video on our website:


My Laser Isn’t Turning On - What Could Be The Issue?

If your laser isn't turning on, there are a few things to check. First, the isolator strip must be removed from the battery housing before the laser will turn on. Unscrew the front of the laser and remove the little white piece in between the batteries. Second, the batteries must all be facing in the same direction and all must be facing in the correct direction. If you are unsure which direction, try both! If that still did not work, the batteries are likely dead and need to be replaced.

How Do I Request a Replacement Part for My AccuBow Under my Lifetime Warranty?

There is no physical document that you need in order to verify your warranty. If you ever need to claim your warranty, all you have to do is contact us at support@accubow.com and we will send you replacement parts, with the only charge being that you have to pay for the shipping costs!

The App Isn’t Recognizing My Shots Fired

If you are having difficulties with shot recognition, please check the following:

Please make sure that you have given permission for the app to use your phone's microphone.

If you go into your phone's settings > (scroll down to find) AccuBow > Allow AccuBow To Access "Microphone" (check this on)

Once you have verified this, shot recognition sensitivity can be adjusted within the shooting mode. If you adjust the slider on the right side of the shooting mode, you can adjust the shot recognition sensitivity to improve the recognition of your shots accurately recording. Every person's shot sensitivity may be different, depending on draw length and ambient noise in the surrounding environment. Loud noises near the phone's microphone could cause the app to fire inadvertent shots.

Is the AccuBow Useful for Recurve Shooters?

The AccuBow has no let-off, actually making the feel of the product more similar to a Recurve bow. Also with the capabilities of adjusting from 10 to 70 pounds with the simple turn of a dial. The grip was designed based on an average of most popular grips on the market today. Some of our users will use tape or similar if they desire to alter the feel of the grip to meet their preferences.

I’m Not Finding My Issue Listed on the FAQs

If you’re having trouble and can’t find what you’re looking for on this page, please feel free to reach out to support@accubow.com Our resourceful Customer Support Team will be able to assist you with any and all questions! Also feel free to check out our reviews to see what customers are saying.

Please inspect the product prior to each use and make sure there is no visible damage before using. Please make sure all parts and components are secured in their intended positions before using. For example, please make sure the resistance dials are in their locked positions, make sure the phone mount is not loose, make sure the folding latches on the AccuBow 2.0 are secured and locked in place, and make sure the d-loop is secured and attached properly.