AccuBow’s Founder and CEO, Matt Pell, started the company when he was 26 years old. Matt has been shooting a bow since he was 10 years old and bowhunting since he was 13 years old. Although Matt is an engineer by trade, his true passion lies in archery, bowhunting and anything involving being outdoors. Just like most of working American’s Matt found it hard to find enough time to pursue his hobbies, like heading to the archery range in order to practice and improve his archery and bowhunting abilities.

The thought came to Matt one day, “If only there was a way I could practice from anywhere without having to dry fire and retrieve arrow upon arrow...” and so the idea of the AccuBow was born!

The first prototype of the AccuBow was very basic, with a resistance band connected to a PVC stick and a laser pen taped to the stick so Matt could see where he was aiming. Using the product for his own personal strength and accuracy training, he soon began to see the improvements to his archery abilities and decided to share this product with the world.

Matt then went to work designing and improving the AccuBow so it can be usable for all ages, strength and skill levels. Even as a small team, we continue to improve each and every day with the different AccuBow models, enhancing the abilities and functionality to better suite the needs of our customers. From the AccuBow 1.0 to the foldable AccuBow 2.0 and even the AccuBow Nano which is great for teens and beginner shooters, we continue to improve each day to give you a product you cannot live without.

We hope you enjoy the AccuBow as much as we do and look forward to seeing your experiences on social media (don’t forget to tag @Accubow).

-The AccuBow Team.