AccuBow Reviews

We think our products are pretty great – no surprise there. But if you’re like most of our customers, you want to do your own research into AccuBow archery training device reviews to see for yourself just how much use they offer for your unique needs. With that in mind, we invite you to check out some of the below AccuBow trainer reviews from archery enthusiasts and experts.

AccuBow 1.0 Reviews

Josh Honeycutt of RealTree loves how realistic the AccuBow is, noting:

“Personally, I like that this “bow” feels real. At a little over 4 pounds and 32 inches axle to axle, it’s the same size as a modern hunting bow, with a pragmatic shape and style.”

He also mentions how  helpful the AccuBow can be for newer bowhunters: 

“Augmented reality is a key feature of the AccuBow, and it adds a little spice to the practice regimen. I really enjoyed it...I think this is a key feature that’s especially important for youth and new bowhunters.”

Check out the full review here.

AccuBow 2.0 Reviews

Considering an AccuBow 2.0? Sean’s Outdoor Adventures reviewed the AccuBow 2.0, and had this to say:

“It’s good for training your muscles. I know when I haven’t been shooting and it’s close to hunting season and I pull out my bow…my muscles forgot what it was like…so having something like this…you can keep the muscles in tune…”

Armin Hirmer enjoys the quality of the AccuBow 2.0, saying the following in his Youtube review “Virtual Archery with AccuBow 2.0”,

“It’s sturdy. Looks good. It’s heavy but not overly heavy.” 

He also says “I like this idea. I like where this is going. This is already the second iteration. It’s not bad.”

AccuBow 2.0 Carbon Fiber Reviews

In his video review entitled “2022 Review AccuBow 2.0 Carbon Fiber Original Archery Strength and Exercise Training System”, BonBCamp says:

“If you’re like me and are a novice and you want to learn how to shoot a bow, this is an excellent way to get started. Pros and those who are regular bow shooters…use this to stay on top of their game when they can’t go to the range.”

AccuBow Nano Reviews

In Whoteewho’s combined AccuBow Nano / AccuBow app review on Rumble, he recommends the AccuBow Nano, noting that he especially likes its interactive nature when used with the AccuBow app:

 “It’s actually interactive. You actually have to spin around or move to find the critters. There’s that stalking mode where you actually have to move…another cool part about it: you can release the pull weight…little people can play it, it’s fun for me… you could probably literally play it all day…

AccuBow Testimonials

"This is a tool that is designed to supplement your current practice. Build Strength, Stamina, and steadiness all with this bow. In addition, break down your shot process and work on form while you're at it." — Garrett Weaver

"This is the best off-season bow trainer I've ever laid my hands on. It's simple and effective. I've always shot my bow in my basement at my block from 10-15 ft but it's monotonous and gets old quickly! With the ACCUBOW I can sit on the couch, watch hunting videos, and build my bow strength! Whether you're looking to increase draw weight, work on stabilizing muscles, maintain your shooting regimen indoors in the off-season etc. the ACCUBOW is the way to go." – Zac Griffith

"It's great because I can use it while watching TV, wherever, sitting around my house. Just literally drawback on something, try to hold." – Old Man Grizz