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Accubow Laser

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Part Number: PRT-LASER

AccuBow® Laser

  • Improve Stability at Full Draw 
  • Eliminate Target Panic
  • Increase Accuracy - Especially at Longer Distances
  • Increase Consistency - Tighter Groups
  • Enhance Focus

The AccuBow® Laser allows you to monitor your stability control and accuracy while you are training! Train anywhere, anytime by focusing the AccuBow® Laser on your target! Anything can be used as a target! Remember, aim small - miss small.

Note The AccuBow® Laser takes (3) LR44 (or equivalent) cell batteries. The isolator strip located in the battery housing must be removed before the laser will initially turn on.


Receive a LIFETIME warranty on band replacements (limit 2 per year), a 12 pc. battery pack (Limit 1 pack per year), and 2 D-Loop replacements (Limit 2 per year). All you have to do is pay for shipping!

After you are confirmed in our warranty system, all you have to do is email when you want to replace your parts. Make sure you provide your order number so we can confirm your membership!

Please email for any questions about your order

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