Zac Griffith - Accubow Testimonial

Zac Griffith - Accubow Testimonial

What's up guys? Hunting season just ended and a lot of guys are looking for ways to shoot their bow and get their draw weights up in the off season. Rocky and I are going to try out a new tool that we found. It's called the AccuBow and the AccuBow is an awesome invention.

Basically, if you look at it, it's just a resistance band built into a riser and it's got some really cool features that'll help you train indoors during the off season. Again, to build the stabilizing muscles and also increase your draw weight.

So it's very straightforward how it works. The resistance is adjustable from 10 to 70 pounds. All you do to adjust it, push in that button. Clockwise will tighten the resistance. Counterclockwise will resist or lessen it. It does have the ability to hook a D-Loop to it but just to demonstrate right now, I mean, basically all you do, draw it back and let down. You can do that to help assist with your draw. You can help build your stabilizing muscles again. It's just like a recurve so there's no let-off. You can hold it while you're watching TV and practice just building those muscles.

Another thing you can do is you can actually let it rip if you need to. It's just an awesome tool. Now, the reason I like this more than shooting your bow indoors is obviously there's no arrow. So it's a little bit more portable, a little bit more convenient. You can watch TV on the couch, you can shoot it anywhere, anytime, basically no excuses when you have something like this.

Now, an awesome feature that they've included is there's a laser on there. Now the laser enables you to basically aim and work on holding your draw and just working on stabilizing that image and just visualizing your target. Pretty cool feature that goes with it.

The AccuBow website has a ton of information, training programs, regimens designed to help facilitate your goals, whether it be, like I said, increasing your draw weight, just working on stabilizing or just maintaining your muscle in the off season. Rocky is going to definitely use this a lot. We're going to try to bump her up to 60 pounds so she can start shooting a heavier poundage bow, increase her range and her energy. I'm obviously going to do this to maintain and improve my game as well.

So if you have any questions, obviously is a great resource.