AccuBow for Recovery - Testimonial

AccuBow for Recovery - Testimonial

Zac: Okay, so a couple months ago, I talked about the AccuBow and how it can help guys rehab their shooting, rebuild the muscles and stuff in the areas that are going to support your bow, your draw, your hold, all that stuff. And I profiled and highlighted this old buzzard right here, Old Man Grizz. And here is a little update on his progress with the AccuBow, and what it's done for him.

Old Man Grizz: So last time we talked, I was just starting to use the AccuBow. It's great because I could use it during watching TV, wherever, sitting around my house. Just literally drawback on something, try to hold. See, I'm still a little shaky, so not there yet, but I'm making progress. Shoulder's feeling stronger.

Zac: Both shoulders, right?

Old Man Grizz:Yeah. Oh yeah, for sure. And it's funny because you think your draw arm is where the problem is. In my case, it's my....this arm.

Zac: Your rotator? Your stabilizer?

Old Man Grizz: Exactly. My left. My rotator. So I have to work it, but it's coming along. I'm not there yet, but I'm getting stronger.

Old Man Grizz: I've graduated back to an ancient pullback recurve. So 55 pound recurve. Still the same thing, I'm just rehabbing it. So I'm not so worried about my accuracy as I am about being able to actually draw the bow. But hey, it works. Doesn't hurt. Making progress.

Zac: Nice. That's progress right there.

Again, we've talked about this before. The AccuBow doesn't replace your bow or anything like that. There's just a lot of ways that it can help benefit any shooter to work the muscles, just to take advantage of their off time. We're not always at the range, we don't always have a bow and an arrow and everything thing set up to shoot, so it's just a great tool to add to the arsenal and enhance and improve your hunting, no matter what level you are at.

If you ever want to hook one up, go to, use the discount code, "Summit." They give you a nice fat discount and help support the cause.

-Zac Griffith