Improve Your Life Through Archery: 4 Great Benefits

Archery is a lot of fun and is a great hobby and sport to participate in. In the past, the only way to improve your skills was to get out and practice. Now, though practicing is still very important, there are some high-tech archery training equipment items on the market, including an archery app, that can help with everything from archery strength training to overcoming target panic.

Additionally, there are all kinds of major advantages of becoming an archer. Whether you only shoot a few times a month or practice your skills every single day, you can benefit from this wonderful sport, as well. Here are some excellent benefits for participating in archery:

  • Improved focus and patience -- Practicing archery can help you remain focused and patient throughout your daily life. Since you need to tune out all sorts of distractions while shooting at a target, release your bow string consistently, and focus on your form; you'll be subsequently improving your ability to focus and remain patient.
  • Weight loss -- When people think about activities that contribute to weight loss, they probably don't think about archery too often. Shooting a bow is actually a great way to burn calories, however. In fact, the Economist compared the calorie usage of winning Olympic gold medals to 10 minutes of other physical activities like dancing and snorkeling: A gold medal-winning archer can burn an estimate 1,084 calories!
  • Strengthen your body -- Through various archery strength training exercises and simply practicing your shot, you'll start building muscle. By practicing a proper draw, you'll strengthen your arms, hands, chest, shoulders, and your entire core.
  • Better confidence -- Doing well at archery will boost your confidence levels, as well. In archery, not only will you be competing with other archers, you'll compete against yourself. As you get better and continue to do well, your self-confidence and self-esteem will benefit as a direct result.

If you want to learn more about improving your shooting skills through archery training to find some innovative archery training devices, give AccuBow a call today!