Archery Assistance: 4 Tips For Overcoming Target Panic

Archery is a lot of fun and the sport has been growing in popularity over the last few years. One of the nice things about archery is that anyone can learn to do it. You don't have to be extremely strong, but you do need to have plenty of mental strength in order to overcome target panic. Target panic is real and happens to archers at all skill levels.

Here are some great target panic solutions and tips to try out so you can get back to being a skilled archer:

  • Use an archery training bow -- Though there are plenty of target panic solutions, one of the best and most innovative approaches is to use a high-tech archery training bow. You'll be able to practice your drawback inside your own home and don't even need to be around a target. You can even equip your bow with your smartphone and use an archery app to keep track of all your shooting statistics. As you get more and more comfortable pulling back and practicing, you'll soon be ready to take on real targets.
  • Practice shooting with your eyes closed -- For the record, you should never practice this at a real range or when anyone else is around, but practicing this way alone can help you get out of your own head. People tend to try to exert too much control over the aiming process. Closing your eyes can help your body and mind relax, which is necessary for an accurate shot. You'll then start to feel more comfortable with a taught bow in your hands.
  • Stop worrying about injuries -- A lot of beginners get nervous as they draw back the bow. They think they are going to hurt themselves by simply shooting arrows at stationary targets. In truth, over 90% of bow-related injuries actually occur during bowhunting, not target shooting.
  • Shoot with a release aid -- Using a hinge release aid might seem unfamiliar at first, but it will help reprogram your brain in regards to the release process. As you get more and more comfortable releasing your bow, you'll eventually overcome target panic and other archery-related anxieties.
If you are still hoping to find out more about target panic solutions or want to find a high-quality archery training device, give AccuBow a visit today.