AccuBow FAQs
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What is the maximum draw weight?
How Do I Determine The Poundage for My Accubow?
Is The AccuBow a Good Tool for Rehabilitation?
Who Can Use The AccuBow?
What type of smartphone is compatible with the AccuBow App?
What device dimensions are compatible with the AccuBow phone mount?
Can I remove the phone mount?
Do I need a smartphone?
What is the difference between the AccuBow 1.0 and 2.0?
If my D-Loop has come off, how do I reattach it?
My Laser Isn’t Turning On - What Could Be The Issue?
How Do I Request a Replacement Part for My AccuBow Under my Lifetime Warranty?
The App Isn’t Recognizing My Shots Fired
Is the AccuBow Useful for Recurve Shooters?
I’m Not Finding My Issue Listed on the FAQs