Archery Shoulder Exercises - Archery Shoulder Pain Relief
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Archery Shoulder Exercises

Archery can put a lot of stress on your shoulder muscles. Strengthening the muscles in your shoulders can reduce the risk of injury. We have put together a few archery shoulder exercises that will help keep you healthy.

Single Arm Cable Internal Rotation

Use a weight machine with a single handle. The arm closest to the cable is the one that will be worked out. Place a rolled cloth under your armpit, grab the cable handle, and hold it 90 degrees to your chest. Slowly turn your arm so that your fist touches your chest. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat.

Single Arm Cable External Rotation

To do the single arm cable external rotation exercise, you will need a weight machine with a single handle. First, place a rolled cloth underneath your armpit. Grab the handle with the arm furthest away from the machine. While holding the handle, slowly move your forearm away from your body. Keep going until your fist is parallel to your body. Slowly return your arm to its original starting position and repeat.

Resistance Band Pull Apart

For this exercise, you’ll need a resistance band. Take hold of the band with both of your hands. Begin with your hands close together. Slowly pull your hands laterally until your arms are almost fully extended. Return to your original position and repeat.

Using Archery Simulation Tools

While you recover from an injury, there are several archery rehab devices that you can use to help strengthen your shoulder muscles. A resistance band can be used to simulate an archer’s pulling motion. Simply take the band and draw it back as you would your bow. Hold this position for about 5 to 10 seconds. Release the band and repeat. Another tool is the AccuBow. This revolutionary tool is perfect for those seeking to strengthen their shoulder muscles or rehab an injury. 

Even though you may be sidelined with an injury, you can still work on your craft. Give these archery shoulder pain exercises a try today!