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7 Mode 450 Lumen LED Camo Head Lamp
7 Mode Camo Head Lamp with Selectable White, Red or Green Light

7 Mode 450 Lumen LED Camo Head Lamp

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HanzFree 7 Mode 450 Lumen LED Head Lamp

The 7 Mode LED Headlamp produces up to 450 lumens of bright white light plus solid red, solid green and flashing red lights. Easy push button selectable functions include 250 lumen COB flood, 200 lumen beam, 450 lumen combined beam/flood, solid led red, solid led green and flashing solid red options. The light pivots a full 90 degrees in six lockable positions. A comfortable, fully adjustable headband is included. The headlamp may also be removed from the headband and clipped onto the brim of a cap for even more flexibility. The body of the light features a simulated real tree camo pattern. This battery powered LED headlamp is is versatile and light weight and may be used around the house and is a great compliment to bow hunters in the field.

  • 7 Mode LED Head Lamp with Easy Push Button Operation and 90 Degree Pivot
  • 250 Lumen COB LED Flood Light
  • 200 Lumen Beam Light
  • 450 Lumen Combined Flood and Beam
  • Solid Red or Flashing Red Light Option
  • Solid Green Light
  • Comfortable Adjustable Elastic Head Band Adjusts to Fit Most Head Sizes
  • Remove the Strap and Clip the Light Onto a Cap
  • Uses 3 AAA Batteries (Not Included)
  • Light is 2.5" Wide x 2" Tall x 2.5" Deep


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  • TRAIN ANYWHERE All Ages - Right or Left Handed

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Accubow is the most advanced, complete and effective archery training device ever created. A bow comprised of a single resistance band which can be increased or decreased from 10 to 70 pounds of pulling resistance, all while looking, feeling and releasing like a traditional bow. The Accubow is a device that provides the entire archery community, from beginners to experts, with a method of improving their abilities outside of the range and the device works without ever firing an arrow.

Increased Strength • Improved Accuracy • Greater Stamina • Proper Mechanics • Smooth Release • Bigger Bucks • Heavier Poundage • Superior Holding Stability • Confidence

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