Overcoming Target Panic - Target Panic Solutions and Tips
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Overcoming Target Panic

Target panic can occur in even the most experienced archer. This usually stems from the early stages of learning how to shoot a bow. Many archers are told to squeeze the trigger once the pin is in the middle. However, it can be difficult to hold the pin on the target while simultaneously dealing with a release aid. More often than not, archers unconsciously fall into the routine of touching the trigger as soon as the sight moves over their target, which can result in a shaky miss. Poor accuracy can greatly affect your confidence. As you continue to build up the misses, you slowly integrate the wrong form or technique into your shooting routine. This can be catastrophic for an archer. Overcoming target panic as quickly as possible is vital to avoid falling into a shooting slump. Below, we listed a few target panic solutions and tips to help!

Blind Shooting

Your eyes can cause you to release early. Blind shooting can help eliminate target panic. Use a blindfold or just close your eyes as you shoot; this will help you focus on how shooting feels. You should stand close to a target to avoid missing–we recommend standing 2-3 yards away. Blind shooting can help archers overcome their target panic. However, for some it may only be a mere bandage and not a complete solution.

Change Your Release

Another target panic solution can be to change release styles. The goal here is to retrain yourself in order to eliminate any bad habits that you may have formed.

Training Bows

A training bow, such as AccuBow, can help you overcome target panic. It works on your release without the use of arrows. You can also practice in your home, making it an ideal purchase for any archer looking to get over their target panic. 

Target panic can be a frustrating experience. Try these target panic tips and solutions to see if they can make the change you are looking for.