Archery: 3 Important Frequently Asked Questions
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Archery: 3 Important Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by on 10/8/2018 to News
archery training equipment

Archery has been around for centuries and has been growing in popularity in recent years. Young children who practice early can end up thriving in this sport, but one of the reasons archery has become so popular is because anyone can pick up a bow, start practicing, and do relatively well.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions pertaining to archery shooting and archery training equipment:

  • How can I get better at shooting? -- The best way to get better at anything is practice -- archery is no different. However, there are plenty of various ways to practice that will help improve your archery skills. You can certainly head to a nearby archery range and shoot real arrows at real targets, but you can even practice in your bedroom. Thanks to some of the most innovative archery training equipment on the market, there are now archery training devices like the AccuBow that can be used anywhere. Archery training equipment devices like this can help you develop excellent archery form, strengthen your shooting skills, overcoming target panic.

  • Do I have to be really strong? -- A common misconception within the archery industry is that you have to be extremely strong in order to draw back a bow. That's not true at all. Though you need to at least be able to hold the bow and pull back a sometimes tough bowstring, there are plenty of bows that are great for archers of all sizes. In fact, 13-year-old Denise Parker was able to win an Olympic bronze medal while shooting a 28-pound-draw-weight bow, which is equivalent to picking up a small dog.

  • How dangerous is archery? -- From afar, it seems like archery is a very dangerous sport. Sharp arrows are involved and anyone can try it -- but it's actually quite safe. In fact, only 10% of bow-related injuries occur during target shooting, compared to 90% as a result of bowhunting. And, according to the National Safety Council, archery is actually more than three times safer than golf, with just one injury for every 2,000 participants.

If you want to find out more about an innovative archery training bow or find other great archery training products, give AccuBow a call right away.