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What is Accubow?

The first interactive archery app of its kind, AccuBow is a revolution in archery training.

AccuBow App


Train on virtual archery targets


Customize your shooting modes


Improve your shooting accuracy


Track your progress on your scoreboard

How does it work?

1. Download

Download the app

2. Sign In

Sign in via Facebook or sign up with your email

3. Tutorial

First-time users are shown how to use the app through a ‘Get Started’ tutorial

4. Customize

Choose your shooting settings
AccuBow App

5. Take Aim

Ready, aim, shoot!

6. Track your progress

Your compounding scores are logged on your scoreboard to track your progress over time

7. Your Dashboard

Arrive at your individual dashboard with tappable menu options, including: Profile | Scoreboard | Shooting Modes | Upgrades | Settings

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